Vivo X Fold3 Pro 5G

vivo X Fold3 Pro
vivo X Fold3 Pro with ultra slim design

A New Standard for Slim & Light

India’s Slimmest Fold at 1.12cm (11.2 mm)* *When Folded 1

vivo X Fold3 Pro with ultra-reliable armor architecture

Extraordinary Durability

Withstanding 100 Fold-Unfolds a day for 12 Years 34

vivo X Fold3 Pro with ZEISS co-engineered imaging system

vivo ZEISS
Co-engineered Imaging System Unfold the Extraordinary

Make every frame phenomenal with stunning clarity and colour

vivo X Fold3 Pro with equivalent 5700mAh BlueVolt battery

The Pinnacle of Flagship Performance

India’s Biggest Battery in Fold 19

vivo X Fold3 Pro with smart fold AI

Become a powerhouse of productivity29, 30, 31

Increase productivity and unlock possibilities
with powerful Al Assist


India’s Slimmest Fold at 1.12cm (11.2 mm)*
*In Folded State1

0.52cm (5.2 mm) Ultra-Thin body
(When unfolded)1

India’s Lightest Foldable Phone at 236g2

Celestial Black

It’s not just a color. It’s a classic statement.

Armor Architecture

Extraordinary Durability 3

Withstanding 100 Fold-Unfolds a day for 12 Years 36

vivo X Fold3 Pro with carbon fiber ultra-durable hinge

Carbon Fiber
Ultra-Durable Hinge

Carbon fiber keel weighs only 14.98g. It is the industry’s first carbon fiber keel cast in a square shape, incorporating precision forging techniques.

Having TÜV Rheinland Certified 500,000 Reliable Foldings, it ensures smooth and stable opening and closing with suspension.

vivo X Fold3 Pro with carbon fiber ultra-durable hinge

TÜV Rheinland Certified

Reliable Foldings 4

vivo X Fold3 Pro with armor glass

Armor Glass

Tough and durable, Armor Glass has been recognized with SGS 5-Star Glass Drop Resistance Certification 3, with an increase in drop resistance of up to 11 times.

Enhanced with embedded special crystals, this glass offers improved internal stability and remarkable structural strength.

vivo X Fold3 Pro with super tensile UTG and impact-resistant film

Super Tensile UTG5

A design marvel with mild crease and ultra-durable screen

Impact-Resistant Film

More effective protection.

vivo X Fold3 Pro with armor back cover with UPE fiber and glass fiber

Armor Back Cover
UPE Fiber + Glass Fiber

The slim yet incredibly strong back cover is reinforced with UPE fiber for exceptional impact resistance. With a glass-like texture, it offers impact resistance that is 15 times that of high-performance reinforced glass back cover. 6

vivo X Fold3 Pro with IPX8 true water resistance prowess

Exceptional Water Resistance Prowess

Achieving exceptional water resistance.


vivo ZEISS Co-engineered
Imaging System
Unfold the Extraordinary

Crystal clear clarity in every capture

ZEISS Optics

Experience cherished memories anew through the unparalleled clarity of ZEISS Optics that capture true emotion with unrivaled precision.

With certified compliance to ZEISS T* Coating, ghost image and lens flares are significantly reduced for clearer images.

vivo X Fold3 Pro with ZEISS optics

VCS True Color
Main Camera

50 MP


f/1.68 Aperture



64 MP


f/2.57 Aperture


3X Optical Zoom

Ultra Wide-
Angle Camera

50 MP


f/2.0 Aperture

119° 13

Support up to 4K@60 fps

Discover the details no matter the distance

ZEISS Telephoto Camera

Employing a 1/2-inch large sensor periscope module, it is backed by vivo Origin Imaging Engine for enhanced image clarity.

It offers 3X optical zoom, 10X high-definition zoom, and up to 100X digital zoom, ensuring beauty remains undiminished across distances.

vivo X Fold3 Pro with ZEISS telephoto camera


sunshot by vivo X Fold3 Pro sunshot by vivo X Fold3 Pro sunshot by vivo X Fold3 Prosunshot by vivo X Fold3 Pro

Capture magical sun hues for that perfect shot

Powered by ZEISS Telephoto Camera and Origin Imaging Engine, X Fold3 Pro has significantly expanded the shooting scenarios, with colors and tones reaching new heights. No matter it is dazzling night or challenging sunset, capturing breathtaking moments becomes effortless.


Zoom into perfection leaving blur behind

telephoto landscape by vivo X Fold3 Pro
telephoto macro by vivo X Fold3 Pro
telephoto nightscapes by vivo X Fold3 Pro

ZEISS Telephoto Camera

Telephoto Macro

Telephoto Nightscapes

Ultra-wide or close-up shots
Make every perspective extraordinary

ZEISS Multifocal Portrait

X Fold3 Pro portrait mode supports five professional focal lengths, spanning from sweeping landscapes on the move to close-up shots, each frame brimming with beauty.

Supported by the new ZEISS Style Portrait, you can effortlessly capture professional portraits.

ZEISS multifocal landscape portrait by vivo X Fold3 Pro

Landscape Portrait

ZEISS multifocal street portrait by vivo X Fold3 Pro

Street Portrait

ZEISS multifocal natural portrait by vivo X Fold3 Pro

Natural Portrait

ZEISS multifocal figure portrait by vivo X Fold3 Pro


ZEISS multifocal close-up portrait by vivo X Fold3 Pro


24 mm

35 mm

50 mm

85 mm

100 mm

Perfection in a

Multi-concurrent AI Cognitive-ISP Architecture and the second-generation FIT system effortlessly enable 4K Cinematic Portrait Video, without missing any stunning frame.


6 nm

Energy Efficiency Ratio 15


Multi-Concurrent AI Cognitive

ISP Architecture


FIT System

4K Cinematic
Portrait Video
Movie-like magic. Shot by you.

Unlock cinematic excellence with our advanced camera features. With a 2.39:1 frame, 4K bokeh, portrait beautifications, layered color LUTs, master level focus switching, 6 sets of preset templates, and support of 3DLUT import, you can capture cinematic atmospheres effortlessly. Enjoy post-shooting blur editing for added creativity.

Six preset templates: Warm time, Natural portrait, Summer sea breeze, Classic movie, Retro soft focus, HK night.

vivo X Fold3 Pro with 4K cinematic portrait video

Unrestricted Creativity with Multi-angle Hovering

4K Time-Lapse

It supports shooting across all the focal lengths, effortlessly capturing urban sunsets, starry skies, and creating stunning masterpieces with ease.

Waist-Level Shooting

Unleash your creativity and conquer low-angle photography like a pro with the revolutionary Waist-Level Shooting, engineered to deliver stunning shots with maximum comfort and minimal effort.

Rear Camera Selfie

Capture your best moments from any angle. Elevate your selfie game effortlessly, ensuring every shot is a cover shot.

4K Time-Lapse

Waist-Level Shooting

Rear Camera Selfie

vivo X Fold3 Pro with VCS true color main camera

Authentic and accurate colors for flawless shots

VCS True Color Main Camera

Newest-gen vivo Camera-Bionic Spectrum faithfully reproduces true colors.

CIPA 4.5 camera-level stabilization ensures clear, handshake-free shots. 14

Capture the Nighttime Brilliance with AI

Harnessing AI with vast, top-tier night scene data, X Fold3 Pro seamlessly refines night tones, elevating visuals to pro-level and ensuring unforgettable results with ease.

Capture starry nights like a pro

Experience brilliance at night with X Fold3 Pro. With a 1/1.3″ sensor and new AI PD extreme night focusing technology, it effortlessly captures stunning starry skies without a tripod. Revel in the celestial wonders, collecting stars as if they were treasures.

Unfold the mysteries of the night sky

Utilizing AR, it displays previews of constellation shapes and connections.

AI night view by vivo X Fold3 Pro

AI Night View

Handheld Astro by vivo X Fold3 Pro

Handheld Astro

AR planetarium by vivo X Fold3 Pro

AR Planetarium

Say hello to true colors!

vivo Memory Color System

photo sample by vivo X Fold3 Pro with vivo textured color

vivo Textured Color

Rich, delicate, and personalized. vivo’s master photographers color the emotions with their expertise.

photo sample by vivo X Fold3 Pro with vivo vivid color

vivo Vivid Color

Vibrant, vivid, and bright. Explore how colors can accentuate, and keep both the memories and photos fresh.

photo sample by vivo X Fold3 Pro with vivo natural colorZEISS Natural Color

photo sample by vivo X Fold3 Pro with vivo natural color

ZEISS Natural Color

Based on the in-depth collaboration between vivo and ZEISS, it brings out the accuracy of natural colors and achieves an industry-leading color difference ΔE. 16 Professional optimization of tones faithfully reproduces what the human eye sees for the ultimate in fidelity.


the power to do more

India’s Biggest Battery in Fold17
Equivalent 5700 mAh

Super slim, super large, and super fast charging.

The combination of hardware and software extends battery life, alongside software optimization for ultra-low power consumption and ultra-long standby.

Music Playback

72 Hours 

Youtube Videos

22.5 Hours 

Online Meeting

6.5 Hours 

Smaller Size
Larger Capacity

Second-Generation Silicon

Equivalent 5700 mAh Battery utilizes leading-edge Second-Generation Silicon with an energy density of 780 Wh/L for larger capacity and slimmer design. 19

Power that doesn’t stop
Even when temperatures drop

Semi-Solid Battery

By adding solid-state electrolytes into liquid electrolyte, an ion network is formed. Now even in harsh conditions the battery maintains stable discharge and ensures lasting and durable power. 14

60 %

100 %


With 100W Dual-Cell FlashCharge and 50W Wireless FlashCharge 22, it charges to 100% in as fast as 31 minutes. 23 Convenient and time-saving.

100W Dual-Cell FlashCharge 22

60 %

100 %


50W Wireless FlashCharge 22

Equivalent 5700 mAh Battery 24

Charge to 50% in 35 Minutes

*The wireless charger 2.0 supports for X80 Pro/X90 Pro/X100 Pro/X Fold3 Pro.

Expand Eye-Catching Horizons
Frame by Frame

India’s Biggest Display in Fold 8

The vivid 20.38cm (8.03’’) 2K + E7 immersive display 19 offers a superlative experience, accompanied by eye protection. Complementing this, the device features a 3D Ultrasonic Dual-Screen Fingerprint Scanner for enhanced security and convenience.

India’s Brightest Display in Fold at 4500 nits 10

Double the screens, double the dazzle—see everything in a new light.

Refresh Rate (on Cover and Main Display) 11

120 Hz

Local Peak Brightness (on Cover and Main Display) 12

4500 nits

Main Display Resolution 11

2480 × 2200

Main Display 11

20.38cm (8.03’’)

Backplane Technology (on Cover and Main Display)


Main Display Pixel Density

412 PPI

Adaptive High Frame

Color Gamut


Refresh Rate (on Cover and Main Display)

120 Hz

Local Peak Brightness (on Cover and Main Display) 12

4500 nits

Cover Display Resolution 11

2748 × 1172

Cover Display 11

16.58cm (6.53”)

Backplane Technology (on Cover and Main Display)


Cover Display Pixel Density

457 PPI

Adaptive High Frame

Color Gamut


Engineered for Performance

India’s 1st Fold with Snapdragon® 8 Gen 325 Mobile Platform

TSMC 4 nm process and its upgraded architecture bring new breakthroughs in performance and energy efficiency.

AnTuTu Score 26

2.12 Million

CPU Performance 26


CPU Energy Efficiency 26


RAM Type


GPU Performance 26


GPU Energy Efficiency 26


UFS 4.0 Read Speeds 26

Up to 4 GB/S

Smart Fold AI

Power of generative AI in your fingertips

Increase productivity and unlock possibilities with powerful Al Assist

vivo X Fold3 Pro with AI Note Assist

Enjoy next-level notetaking that enhance your efficiency. It boosts productivity with intelligent typesetting powered by AI, providing seamless organization and effortless note management.

vivo X Fold3 Pro with AI Transcript Assist

Say farewell to the days of tedious typing! With AI Transcript Assist, capturing your thoughts is as easy as speaking them aloud. Record, transcribe, and get your tasks done with style.

vivo X Fold3 Pro with AI Global Translation

Dive into conversations without missing a beat. With the real-time translation, connect with the world at your fingertips.

AI Note Assist30, 31, 32

AI Transcript Assist30, 31, 32

AI Screen Translation30, 32

Efficiency made effortlessly easy

Link to Windows 32, 33

Screen 32

Task Bar 32


Private Call

Folder 32

Fold to
Split 32

vivo X Fold3 Pro can link to Windows

Let your devices become a symphony of productivity—switch between tasks effortlessly, juggle projects seamlessly, and unleash the power of cross-screen synergy.

vivo X Fold3 Pro with multi-tasking split-screen

Split your screen, double your fun. Multitasking has never been this trendy!

vivo X Fold3 Pro with task bar

Who needs a magic wand when you have the Task Bar? Wave goodbye to task-switching woes and hello to a world where multitasking feels like a breeze. Get ready to elevate your efficiency game!

vivo X Fold3 Pro with security chip

vivo X Fold3 Pro with security chip

The security chip provides chip-level protection for private data such as lock screen passwords, biometric information, private files, and account passwords. The built-in security chip has passed the international CC EAL5+ security certification.

vivo X Fold3 Pro with private call function

vivo X Fold3 Pro with private call function

Innovatively featuring Shoulder-to-Shoulder Dual Speaker Diaphragm, X Fold3 Pro delivers full-volume, leak-proof sound in receiver mode, guaranteeing privacy when answering calls even in enclosed environments.

vivo X Fold3 Pro with large folder function

Enlarge your mobile experience with seamless folder interaction and instant app access at your fingertips. No more cluttered screens as you effortlessly organize and customize your desktop with just a tap.

vivo X Fold3 Pro with fold to split function

Seamlessly transition from Full-Screen to Split-Screen with a gentle bend. Experience the future of multitasking like never before.