Theklicker is a metasearch engine that compares electronic gadget prices and offers provided to us by many different online booking sites.

We compare and display different offers from many e-commerce booking sites, and they pay us a fee if a user buys on their specific deal. We are not a party to any booking agreement between you and the site or e-commerce platform you book with. We do not collect any payments for you to buy and are not liable for the services offered by the booking site and the e-commerce provider.

theklicker works with many booking sites worldwide, including online e-commerce portal, as well as e-commerce company and e-commerce website such as

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In total, theklicker’s sites cover more than 1 million visits and other types of e-commerce across approximately 3 countries (US, UK & INDIA).

theklicker helps you compare prices, but the booking and payment are managed by the booking site. Therefore, theklicker cannot manage or cancel your online booking, but we’ll do our best to bring you into contact with the booking site, as their customer service teams are in the best position to answer all booking-related questions.

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