F21s Pro

F21s Pro


Flaunt your best


Shoot Like a Pro

Professional Portrait Camera System

A complete camera system with a 32MP Ultra-sensing front Selfie camera and a 64MP rear camera with a specialised Depth Camera and Microlens for professional shots.

Camera System


Up to 30x magnification


AI Portrait Camera



All the Light, All for You

Flagship IMX709 Selfie Sensor

Create stunning selfies with a customized Sony IMX709 flagship sensor, delivering 60%1 more light, natural colours, and striking selfies, in different light conditions.

Ultra-Sensing Selfie with IMX709

Say Hi to HD

64MP AI Portrait Camera

Shoot in an instant with the 64MP professional-grade portrait camera for richer details and finer quality images.

64MP AI Portrait Camera 1

64MP AI Portrait Camera 2

Say Goodbye to Pixelation

Ultra-Clear 108MP Image

Get flawless clarity even when you zoom in. The Ultra-Clear 108MP Image stitches together multiple images for life-like picture quality.

Ultra-Clear 108MP Image

Frame Every Movement

Flash Snapshot

Dancing friends, cycling pals, shoot incredible images in motion. Flash Snapshot captures all the action with amazing clarity.

Flash Snapshot
Flash Snapshot
Flash Snapshot
Flash Snapshot
Flash Snapshot
Flash Snapshot
Flash Snapshot
Flash Snapshot
Flash Snapshot

Perfect Balance, Stunning Pictures

Selfie HDR

Become a selfie star. HDR gives you clear pictures with perfect exposure, even on bright days and electric nights with backlit backdrops.

Selfie HDR + off


Selfie HDR + on


Bokeh Flare Portrait + left + onBokeh Flare Portrait + left + off



Bokeh Makes You Shine

Bokeh Flare Portrait

Catch the background drama to focus on you. Add a touch of bokeh beauty to your shots, just like you would with a professional DSLR camera.

Bokeh Flare Portrait + right + onBokeh Flare Portrait + right + off



Flawless Natural Beauty

AI Portrait Retouching

Always be close-up ready! AI Portrait Retouching analyses your age, gender, and unique looks, bringing out your authentic beauty.

AI Portrait Retouching 1

AI Portrait Retouching 2
AI Portrait Retouching 3

Find Beauty in Everything

Segment First Microlens Camera

Discover the tiniest details with the 30X magnification2 microlens camera and capture beautiful close-ups of our amazing world.

Microlens 1
Microlens 2
Microlens 3
Microlens 4

Unique Design, Unique You

Feels Light, Feels Right

Ultra-Slim Retro Design

Ultra-thin, ultra-light with clean, stylish looks, it feels great in your hand and your heart.

Ultra-Slim Retro Design



Weight about³



Thinnest about³

Glow as You Go


Millions of nanoscale diamonds twinkle on your phone as the scratch and wear-resistant anti-corrosion glass ensures style that stays.


14 Days

High Temperature & High Humidity Resistance Testing⁴


Steel Wool Friction Testing⁴

4 Days

UV Testing⁴

Twinkle Like the Stars

Orbit Light

Shine like a star with Orbit Light that alerts you to calls, messages, and other notifications.

Orbit Light


Dawnlight Gold

Starlight Black

Dawnlight Gold 1
Starlight Black 1
Dawnlight Gold 2
Starlight Black 2

Unleash Your Performance

Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ Processor

Extra Storage, Excellent Performance

RAM Expansion

Super smooth sailing all the time, thanks to our smart, extendable RAM for unshakeable performance.

Up to 5GB⁵

RAM Expansion


Charges Fast, Lasts Long

33W SUPERVOOCTM & 4500mAh Battery

A phone that matches your pace! Our 33W SUPERVOOCTM⁶ and 4500mAh Battery⁷ is built to keep you in the action, all day long.

5 Minutes


2.68 Hours


90Hz AMOLED Eye-Care Display

Easy on the Eye

90Hz⁹ AMOLED Eye-Care Display

Immerse yourself in a spectrum of eye-catching colours without worrying about eye protection.

Eye Care Display10

Amazon Prime Video HD & HDR Certification


It’s Game On

Immersive Gaming Experience

Play to slay! Eliminate interruptions from calls, notifications, and more with Game Focus Mode while our smart AI stabilises & smoothens your experience for maximum enjoyment¹¹.

Gaming Experience

Gold Standard Excellence

OPPO Enduring Quality

Industry-Best Standard of Quality Products

OPPO Enduring Quality

OPPO equals engineering excellence. Every element of every phone undergoes testing to meet our exacting standards for durability and performance.

IPX4 Waterproof

Resists Drops, and Droplets

IPX4 Waterproof¹² & Drop-tested

Withstand splashes with the IPX4 waterproof grade. What’s more? A staggering 28000 drops to ensure lasting function & appearance.


OS + Practice privacy

Share Images, Nothing Else

Photo Information Protection encrypts data like locations, names, and dates. Share your memories not your details.

OS + share images

Your Privacy Is Assured

With encryption validated by the highest global standards such as ePrivacy, ISO27001, ISO27701, and TrustArc, we are at the front line of guarding your privacy.

OS + Grade Access Control

More Privacy, More Control

Get 5X security with a 5 Grade Access Control system – be notified and give access only to the apps you trust, every time.